Hair vine guide :: Tips on how to choose your bridal hair vine accessory

One of the most versatile types of hair accessory for any bride is the hair vine. If you don't know what accessory you'll be choosing for adorning your bridal hairstyle, consider the bridal hair vine. Don't know how to choose? Read below to find out more about this great accessory. 

 Best selling style 545

 Multi-functional style

Bridal hair vines are great because they're usually flexible (like a vine), which allows you to wear them like a headband, twisted around a bun, in a braid, as a necklace, double strand bracelet or as a bridal sash. 

Most of our bridal hair vines are finished with loops for pinning in and many will come with ribbons for tying. This is great because if you have fine hair or short hair, it will stay in! And if you want to make it extra secure, you can tie on AND use a couple bobby pins through the loops at the ends to really lock it in. You can also wear it as a headband with your hair down, which isn't always an option with pins, combs and clips.

Here's our best selling style 417 worn with hair down:

 And here's the same style with short hair in a bun:

Double wrap headband

If you want a romantic look, try one of our extra long hair vines and wrap around your head twice for a whimsical and lovely look. Here is our style 2137 wrapped twice around and pinned in:

Braided long hair styles

If you have long hair, why not show it off with a hair vine! Braiding in a vine is an eye-catching and dramatic look. We have a great selection of extra long hair vines that work well for this. Here is style 912 below braided into a long hair style: 

Bridal updo or top-knot

If you're planning on a high (or low) bun, consider wrapping with a sparkling bridal hair vine like our style 903:

Side swept hairstyle or french twist

If you're wearing your hair pulled back on one side, consider a shorter vine like style 2173 and wear your vine vertically for a dramatic look:

Bridal jewelry :: Necklace

Tying a hair vine around your neck can be a lovely way to wear a hair vine. You might even decide to wear it as a headband during your big day and then re-wearing as a necklace afterwards for special occasions. Look how beautiful our style 2134 looks as a necklace:

Bridal jewelry :: Bracelet

Really showing how creative you can get with these styles is style 7010, which can be worn as a hair vine, necklace or double strand bracelet as shown below:

 Convertible bridal sash/belt

And last but not least, if you're looking to adorn your waist with something pretty or sparkly, consider the using a lovely bridal hair vine. Here, we're using style 422 as a bridal sash:

If you need additional recommendations, be sure to email us and we'd be happy to answer questions or help you style your bridal look. 

Here are a few of our favorite bridal hair vines all by Twigs & Honey:

Style 900

Style 798

Style 2131

Style 620

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