Package thief in Salem, Oregon :: Help us catch this person

Sadly, on New Year's Eve (12/31/15), a woman walked up our front porch and stole 2 packages from us. The packages contained Swarovski crystals and tools we need at our Twigs & Honey studio. It is very unfortunate and angering. We caught her on our security camera and need your help! If you recognize this individual, please email us so we can notify the local authorities. Here is what we can tell from the several videos we captured from different angles around the house: Woman, smoker, age 28-40+, drives a gold Honda Odyssey minivan (estimated 1999-2003). She was wearing Nike sandals and a large rust colored hoodie with sunglasses. If you think you know someone that would recognize her, please share this video. You can view the video and share via YouTube HERE. We thank you for your help!

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