Something blue...

Whew! Tons of orders still to be made, but I did make some good progress today working nonstop! If you are waiting for your custom order, don't worry, I'm working through the night and all tomorrow evening, and the next and next, and so on... ;)

I just wanted to do an ultra quick "progress" post. It's so funny, but I've only made a limited number of hair pieces/accessories with any blue. All at once, I had all these orders with requests for blue! Is this a trend I am seeing? Well, it is a perfect "something blue" for all those brides-to-be. Take a look at just some of the pieces made today:

Many different styles and tastes going on here but all with some blue!

All these DewDrop veils are for one bridal party. Too cute! Here, they are mimicking synchronized swimming.

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