Oh Happy Day blog :: twigs & honey post!

A wonderful bride I've been working with, Tiffany, was so sweet to let me know she spotted me on this fabulous blog, Oh Happy Day. I am so happy to have another great blog to read obsessively. :) I really love Jordan's profile: "Married to a handsome redheaded artist, I like good weather and pretty things." What more is there to say, really? Thank you Jordan and Thank you Tiffany!

Speaking of Tiffany...
With her soon to be husband, Billy, they've opened an Etsy shop! I was so excited to hear as we were convo'ing back and forth very late at night last week. They will be posting "all things sweet and cute"! They were so sweet to do the most adorable original water color illustration, Little Ms. Myra, of what they imagined I looked like when I was younger. Too cute! I already snatched it up (it's mine!) and have already received it!

They also have a few other delightful illustrations up for grabs and the first 5 custom orders receive a promotional rate! So hurry to their shop and have something custom commissioned. Matt and I are already thinking of what photo we'd love to have created in water colors... Thanks you two!

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