Back in Oregon and moving time!

Matt & I are back from Reno! We had a wonderful time and met some great people. The food was my favorite part. Yum! Now on with our move! Yes. Just as we are getting home, it's packing time. We'll be moving over the next few days and over the weekend, which I'm not looking forward to as I hate moving. I am excited about our new home, though, but it's the getting there that is a headache. While moving, I may take longer to get back in touch with people and I do apologize ahead of time. I have been swamped with inquiries and orders AND now the move, but after we physically move everything into the house, things should return to a certain level of normalcy again and turnaround times for custom orders should start to come down gradually. Keep checking back for the latest... I have tons to post about!

Matt on the shuttle at PDX.

After the trip and on the way to our car, I told Matt that he was looking a bit out of focus. Har har! There is more punniness where this came from!

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