The pains of high speed PART II....

I am sure many of you remember my mini rant about my high speed internet provider, yes? WELL, this time they went beyond even a little annoyance. This time, they blocked me out most of this Saturday AND all day Sunday and today! I had to write a post because I know many of you are waiting for your pieces and replies in convos from me. I finished a ton over the weekend, but had no means of uploading the listings. ALSO, because of the internet problem, I could not convo to let everyone know, I couldn't blog post, and I couldn't check or send emails. I have spent about 3 hours on the phone with their customer service reps today after staying up 24 hrs refreshing my internet and trying everything I could to get in touch with all of you. I already knew they would send me for a run around, but I was desperate. I did at least 30 different checks and tasks with them, all of which made no logical sense to me because I could still access homepages such as Yahoo or Google. I could see my Etsy shop, but I couldn't log onto my account. After everything, they blamed my Norton antivirus. They said I had to get onto Norton's website to download the uninstall! Hello?! I can't access their site! They then told me to deal with Norton directly by calling them. When I called, they told me I could just uninstall through Windows, which I did. Afterwards, I rebooted and NADA! No change whatsoever AND now I can't even download Norton again to re-protect my computer since I purchased it through their website! In a last ditch effort (they said they only had one tech working for them today and they wouldn't be able to get anyone out to me to "fix" the problem until Wednesday!!), I hoofed it to the nearest coffee shop. Matt took our car to his family's this weekend several hours away so I did't even have transportation (yes, I am working through the holiday weekend) AND in a freaky coincidence, my bicycle's tires are flat. As pathetic as it sounds, I packed up all my gear, camera, phone, and a good umbrella since it's raining off and on, and I walked in search of internet. Now, I'm here at a coffee shop and when I tried to get onto their internet, it took all of 10 seconds to have full access internet! The high speed internet company kept telling me that it was my computer's problem, antivirus software, or a faulty router. Nope! Working fine now! Amazing. In addition to everything and to follow up from my previous internet post, they do block high users, but you must twist their arm to admit it. I got several versions of that story today and some people said, "no, we never do that." Another person said, "yes, we block long downloads," and yet another said, "oh, we do block high users." So which is it?? While they sent me on a huge and ridiculous journey to find the problem, I already knew it was on their end, but they insist that it's my problem. To be continued!

My greatest apologies for delays in responding and listing! I am trying everything and will be posting a ton today and replying to as many convos as possible before this coffee shop closes for the holiday. Thank you so much for your patience!!

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