Improvements to the Process :: Order for the Orders

In a never ending effort to improve “customer service” with twigs & honey (I put it in quotes because I feel that “customer service” sounds so straight business), I thought up a little post that I’ll do weekly, maybe twice a week, as I find time. It may totally go by the wayside as things get crazy busy over the next two months, but I thought it would be handy for all. So here’s the plan: I often get convos for updates on custom pieces, which is completely understandable. As my building schedule starts taking over more and more, it will start to take longer for me to respond to all my convos (about 50-60 a day, plus emails and website messages), and that just seems silly to me if you only want to get a quick update on the current production schedule. I’m going to start listing the Etsy usernames that are “on deck”, meaning in the works, and also those next up to the plate. I am hoping this will help to streamline the question/answer process and make it much quicker for anyone with an order with me to know if their piece is soon to be listed. If you are contacting me through email or the website, I won’t include you by your full name to maintain privacy (initials only if available). Also, if you don’t want your Etsy username to be included in this list, convo me to let me know. I am hoping this is useful! Just another note, but every once and a while, a piece needs revisions or “life” happens and things get a little crazier in terms of meeting wedding dates and appointments. I may shuffle super time sensitive orders from time to time by a few days just to ensure “on time” delivery, but will still on the whole, keep the production schedule in the order in which custom orders are received. Thank you for your patience and understanding!!

Here goes (the orders are not exact but just an approximate of what is in progress and the next group of orders to be in progress)!

Currently on deck:
1. m2020
2. mannad11
3. Emptopia10
4. Christina0423
5. muffinpuffin
6. Hayleyn
7. Erinalerman
8. Joscelin
9. lkawson

Next orders to be on deck:
1. novyD
2. digclay
3. chelseykh
4. kjb6v8
5. mediumstomasses
6. T.S.
7. Mayicshel2
8. hindsightbias
9. psychcuddles
10. Samdramm1
11. ggriffin81
12. mpowles

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