Building :: Many pieces!

If I've seemingly taken longer to respond, do not fret, I'll be in touch soon and I apologize for any delays! I've been on lock down mode as I am marathon building. I'll be listing custom 4-5 pieces for June 21st weddings later today if you are wondering about your order. Thank you so much for your patience!

Yesterday, after staying up 2 nights in a row, I finally finished a 15 piece custom hair piece order for the lovely Teresa Strasser and her bridesmaids. You may be familiar with her as the former loveable host of TLC's While You Were Out. You can now hear her as the co-host and News Girl for the Adam Carolla show. Thank you so much Teresa and Michelle of Mint Julep! To read more about Teresa's wedding, visit her wedding website.
Here's a sneak peak at her order, which was shipped overnight yesterday:

Lots of white!

Getting their finishing touches...

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