Got a few extra minutes? :: Pandora Radio

I think I probably just crawled out from under a rock, but I just discovered Pandora Radio.

I was needing to get into a rhythm with building pieces and thought that some music would help. I googled "free radio" and after navigating through some more complex sites, I stumbled onto Pandora. Don't ask why, but I was in the mood for 80s alternative... the funkier, the better. When you go to Pandora, it asks you to type in an artist (other options too) and I typed Depeche Mode and poof! It built my own continuous play customized radio station for me to listen to, with everything in the same genre as Depeche Mode! No commercials! Seriously! So far, it is free and I am sure there has to be a catch because this is just way too cool. Try it out for yourself. Probably on your home and not work computer. ;) You'll be surprised. I promise. I am sure I'm the last to discover it as I've been a hermit, but hey, I know about it now.

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