Congrats all around :: Baby and a B-day!

Just a big and belated Happy Birthday to my older sister, Amy, who turned 1 year younger last week and graduated from college! Yipee! She's also tying the knot in February 2009!

Also, congratulations to my sister-in-law, Angie, for welcoming a new bundle of joy this past Monday. Matt and I were in Bend, OR all day for the birth and it was so exciting! Little Cheyenne is a happy and healthy 6lbs 11oz and a hair over 19 inches. Lovely!

On a totally separate note, my laptop finally decided that during the most busy time of the year, it was time to say goodbye and drift off into a long sleep. I suppose I saw the day coming as it put-putted along for the last couple months. R.I.P.
Actually, I am going to try to revive it at the local computer shop later in the week, but no rest for the weary as business calls. Matt and I got a new laptop today so I could get back to my orders. I apologize for not updating the progress post and taking so long to reply to convos. I'm still transferring files over (that I was fortunately able to scrap together off my old laptop right before it died) and installing software, but I hope to catch up soon!

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