Congrats to Teresa Strasser and Batman

I was more than pleasantly surprised to receive a phone call a few days ago from Teresa Strasser. She was literally at the airport leaving in an hour for her honeymoon and I was so flattered that she would call so soon after tying the knot! That's Teresa for you! Super considerate and utterly sweet. While at the airport, she emailed a few photos from from the day before her wedding in Vegas. Isn't she gorgeous? Yes, and of course on top of being beautiful, she's a total sweetheart. You can see all her pieces in my previous post. Her hubby's pseudo name on the Adam Carolla show is Batman if you were wondering about the title. Congrats Teresa and Batman. Thank you so much for working with me!! I hope you are having a most lovely honeymoon!

Teresa commented, nice Vegas skyline, right? If you look, you can see the Playboy bunny. ;D

Photo Credits: Batman

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