Summer is here! Time to change things up...

Fitting photo, yes? Just a little secret, but I'll be changing up part of the business side of twigs & honey soon. I've been wanting to do it for SO long and it won't affect the design, service or anything along those lines, but it will allow me to do something I've wanted to for a long, long time and now I finally have that chance. Anyhow, because I still have some organizing to do in the background, it will have to stay a bit of a secret for now. So sorry to have to do that to you. Don't you just hate that? I promise I'll let you in on the secret soon! I'll also try to update the progress post later tonight or tomorrow. Thank you for your patience!

By popular request, here are some new photos of our organic garden!



Just less than a month later.

The zucchini plant has grown!

You can see the beginnings of a new zucchini! Yum!

The vigorous cherry tomato plant... grow, grow!

The first itty bitty green bell pepper.

Dahlias and cosmos. I purchased the dahlia bulbs late and they were on super clearance so half didn't make it and I had to replace with 3 already grown annuals.

A juicy looking strawberry. Matt & I have already plucked a few of these tasties!

My mom & dad visited yesterday and brought some comfort foods since Matt and I were sick all week. Korean style chicken soup. Mmmm!
My mom commented on how quickly the garden grew since she last saw it and wanted to take some of the lettuce plants home as I have many extra. My dad was like, "oh, one more thing I am going to have to take care of." hahahaha... my mom responded, "No, no, I will water it." *dad rolls his eyes* And then my mom was like, "Look, look, did you see the frog?! Gross." Some things never change. ;)

It has definitely been rewarding. I've been sticking with the "organic" nature of the garden and hand pull the weeds and only use organic fertilizers. It is so empowering and gratifying to know exactly what is going into our food. I can't wait until we harvest our first salad: several leafy lettuce varieties, snow peas, green peppers, cherry tomato, and others.

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