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I feel so fortunate to do something creative, something I love, and something that allows me to work with some of the most sweet and beautiful brides! I have worked with several hundred brides this season, and I am always so appreciative when one gets in touch after the big day to send some photos along. It is always wonderful to hear a nice "hello" and to see how the big day unfolded. Congratulations to all the lovely brides & grooms I was so lucky to work with!! Thank you so much!!

I've been a bit busy since, oh, February, so I apologize for the light blog posts lately. I have many more beautiful photos to share soon! Here is a small collection. More to come on the official website in the next few weeks. One more note. Even though the busy part of wedding season is halfway over, I have a pretty heavy load of orders through October and I truly appreciate everyone's patience with me and their interest in working with me! Thank you so much!!

The stunning Karen wearing her custom piece, said "I do" back in May.

Photo credits: Tony Yang

Kristin looks like such a sweetheart, doesn't she? She looks so blissfully in love.

Photo credits: Red Photo Co.

Molly & Bill's wedding was one straight out of a romantic movie. Truly inspiring and swoon worthy! Molly looks like a movie star, an actress... hmmm. ;)

Photo credits: Tim Will Photography
By the way. Isn't Tim Will's work just amazing?! I took the last two from the fabulous blog, Once Wed.

Miyon very recently tied the knot, as in a few weeks ago! I can't wait to see more photos from her wedding. Look at that reception backdrop and the place settings! All the coordination! She looks so beautiful too!!!

Colleen, you gorgeous swan, you! I was so envious of her Melissa Sweet dress. I had been drooling over it for months.

Okay, here is my mini shrine to the beautiful LeeAnn. She just had far too many beautiful wedding shots. I had to share! LeeAnn actually had 3 wedding photographers! They sure had their hands full. LeeAnn and her hubby's wedding was breathtaking and there were so many beautiful details throughout. Enjoy!

Photo credits: Jason Q Tran Photography

Photo credits: Natalie Williams Photographer
One parting flower girl shot. She's wearing a twigs & honey headband. Too cute!

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