Twigs & honey bride featured in Southern Weddings blog

So sorry about the nonexistent posts this past week! It may seem like the wedding season is winding down, but it's actually picked up for me so I'm working harder and faster than ever to get all the time sensitive pieces finished (approximately 569 pieces to go!). As always, thank you so much to everyone for your patience!! I truly appreciate it! I often get asked if I have any hired help... Nope! Not yet! It's a 1 woman show at the moment. I sometimes get some help from my hubby to help with photos though. For the longest time, I took all the photos myself without a tripod/timer (yes, many outstretched arm poses). Can you believe it? ANYHOW, we finally got a tripod a couple weeks or so ago so that has helped tremendously. But for the most part, it's just me - emailing, convo'ing, building, photographing, listing, press, etc...

I'm hoping to do a few accessory posts this week or next and will try to get more general blogging in the schedule too, I promise!

Just to tie you over, hop on over to view a beautiful feature from Southern Weddings blog. It features the wedding of Amy & Andy. I actually got to meet Amy in person in early summer to handoff her hair piece. I don't get to do that often, so it was so nice and refreshing to meet a lovely bride face-to-face. Thank you so much, Amy! Congratulations!! See their wedding here.

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