I've been bad!...

... about blogging lately. So sorry for the continued limited posting. I think I've hit maximum overdrive with building and always think I'll have more time but run out everyday. Just to tie you over, but if you like cute things, take a look at these darlings. Matt and I may be welcoming one into our family in November. Not 100% sure yet, but we're waiting to see how their personalities develop as they get a bit older. Eeeeeck! CUTE!!!! They make my heart melt.

I'm partial to the cute male on the left in the bottom photo. I grew up with an Alaskan husky and just love the wolk-esque look of them and their energy. Matt and I have been brainstorming names. It's tough! I just joke around with Matt, but every hour or so, I'll say, "Oh! I have a good one... how about Fluffy, or Poochie?! Wouldn't Wolfie be creative?" Hahaha... I like to tease him and emasculate everything. Some runners up for names that we both were okay with:
If we get a boy: Atlas, Indy
If we get a girl: Una, Leeloo
I had to sneak the geography inspired name into the mix. My other choice was Doppler. ;)

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