Hairspiration :: A new do? Yay, nay?

I have been mulling over getting a new cropped do for my perpetually long mane - which I have sported for ummm, about 5 years now. It's become my security blanket. Matt, the typical guy, loves it, long flowing locks. But I am tired of it! My excuse used to be that I was growing it and keeping it long for the wedding. Haha! After the wedding, I actually did cut it about 8 inches! That's a lot of hair! But a year after the chop, it's back down to my bum and I think that if I don't take the plunge now, I will never be able to release my grip on my hair.

I like style... hair with character, but if you have long hair you know it's hard to get any style. It is either long and hanging, long and wavy, long and curly, or up. I'm bored.

A couple years ago, I bought a copy of Elle magazine, with Ashley Simpson on the cover. It was supposed to motivate me to get a hair cut. I still have that 2006 issue! Since then, I've collected a few other hairspiration photos. I've put together a board below. The top row is of the cutest gal ever. I found her through the blog, My Favorite Color is Shiny. She's on Flickr and you can find her here.

I am favoring Ashley's "do" the most. I am super, ridiculously obsessed with asymmetrical styles lately. Aeon Flux'ish.

What do you think? Should I??? I will probably go to the chop shop in November or December.

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