Good luck Leanne!! :: Project Runway Finale tonight!

Just a reminder for all those who have been paying attention: Project Runway Finale is tonight and I know who I'm cheering for! Leanne of Leanimal of course! I've been so excited for her throughout the season. Did anyone watch last week? She made the most dreamy wedding dress ever. I couldn't stop staring at it and oogling the wavy layers. AND I loved the seafoam bridesmaid dress. Head over to the Project Runway website to view photos.

Just about now, I'm kicking myself for not getting more of her amazing pieces last winter. I have long stalked her shop and was able to get a few pieces, but now it is just about impossible. At the moment, I am in love with her Cesare vest.

Matt thought I had too many of her dresses but now he thinks that I made "wise" purchases. ;D
Here is my mini ode to Leanne and my mini Leanimal collection:

The Josefina dress. This is the cutest! Please excuse my wreck of a room. Matt and I were running out the door in this photo to catch a movie. My closet presently doubles as my shipping center. How embarrassing!

The Eva dress. I love the ruffles on this one. I'm wearing it in a few listings in my shop at the moment.

The Karine dress. I had Leanne square off the neckline on this one and just love it. It seems so romantic and girly at the same time.

Thank you so much Leanne and good luck!!!

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