Thanksgiving recap

Matt and I spent Thanksgiving in Milwaukie and Hood River, Oregon this past holiday weekend. It was great to spend time with family and stuff our faces. Yes, food is a recurring theme in my blog posts. Love it!

At my parent's house, we had turkey and all the fixings plus some traditional Korean dishes. I loved all the leftovers I got to take home.

Indy celebrated her first Thanksgiving with us too and met my parent's pomeranian - this pom doesn't think she's a dog and threw a big fit at the sight of Indy. Nevermind that they were sporting matching holiday sweaters. ;)

Here are some pictures!:

Tons of yummy food, which means tons of leftovers!

Matt & Indy

Whoops! Looking the wrong way!

Matching sweaters!

Indy had the best time ever taunting my parent's pom. She liked to use her as a hurdle.

Indy really likes to be near feet.

"It's not easy being a dog... so tired."

The family.

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