And the daddy of Indy is (drum roll) ...

Vader (Int. Ch. Huskavarna's Dark Alliance)!

Okay, okay, so I've posted about Indy a ton already, but just another one, pretty please? Just hang in there with me... as Indy grows up, her puppy spell over me might wear off... might. Plus, they will solve the financial crisis according to Natalie Portman and Rashida Jones (You must watch this video if you haven't already).

Previously, Indy's breeder wasn't exactly sure which of her boys got lucky (read previous post), so she had the puppies DNA tested and the results are in. :)

So Indy's parents are Gypsy (Int. Ch. Zuska'z Kossok Gypsy Dancer) and Vader (Int. Ch. Huskavarna's Dark Alliance). Yes, both parents are International Champions... good genes... no wonder she is such a cutie pie! Or as quoted from Peonies and Polaroids blog, "the cutest damn puppy in the whole bloggy world..." Thank you so much for thinking so (you must click on the above link. She has the cutest bunnies!).

I joke to Matt that I'm going to make Indy a little star and get her an acting gig so she can pay her own way - work for her own kibble! Here's her growing list of tricks (I must brag always. Matt and I don't have kids yet so all the attention goes to Indy):
1. Sit
2. Down
3. Stay
4. Jump
5. Crawl
6. Play dead
7. Roll over
8. Shake both hands
9. Which one? (treat hidden in hand)
10. Learning to take a bow
11. Fetch
12. ?

Here are some photos of Indy's parents:

Pulling is in Indy's family. I aspire to teach her to pull too. She has a ton of energy and I think she would love to tug my groceries for me! ;)

Proud pop.

Another of Vader.

Gypsy in competition.

Another of Gypsy.
And just to make you vomit from utter cuteness:

Indy's many faces.




"I'm so fast!"


Sitting pretty.

"Food? Please??"

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