Puppy information

Just a puppy update. I have had a few inquiries about Indy's breeder and here's her contact information if anyone is interested in a Siberian Husky in the future.

The breeder is Alice Watt and her website is www.Kossok.com. You can view all her dogs here. Alice is fantastic and has beautiful Huskies. We visited her kennel/home several times and she keeps the place very clean and all the dogs look very happy and healthy. She competes regularly and most of her dogs are champions. She has a few puppies remaining from the same litter as the one Indy was in. We could not be happier with Indy! She is wonderful! Siberian Huskies are beautiful dogs, but a word of caution to anyone interested. Though they are beautiful, they require a household who will walk/run them regularly as they have tons of energy. Huskies are also VERY smart... almost too smart. That said, they can have strong personalities and require either an experienced dog owner or someone who is willing to invest a large sum of their time training their husky pup early on. I am home all day everyday, so it has worked out perfectly for Matt, Indy, and I. She is around people all day, so she doesn't get bored. A bored husky can be a destructive and disobedient husky. With tons of energy, they need an outlet to release this energy. You must give them chew toys, but expect some of your belongings to become chew toys when you are not watching them. Because huskies are so pretty, you have to be careful with your husky as they are often stolen. Seriously! People love their look and theft is common. When I was growing up with a husky, someone attempted to steal him by dragging him into a car on the side of the road. He refused... thankfully!

Some of the benefits of owning a husky: No "doggie" odor. Indy never smells, even when wet (you all know what a typical wet dog smells like). Huskies don't shed much during most of the year if you regularly groom them BUT they shed a ton about twice a year when they blow out their undercoats (you only need to bathe a husky a handful of times a year as they are fastidiously clean). Huskies are very clever and hilarious and you will always have fun with them. Huskies are also great with everyone, even kids and babies if you socialize them well early on... they are a happy breed, but do not make good guard dogs as they love everyone. Indy is a sponge and super quick to learn. The one thing is that huskies get bored easily if not challenged, and will sometimes choose when they want to perform tricks.

Overall, we are 100% satisfied with Indy and her progress. She is a total goof and so much fun to play with. I hope this post is helpful! Please email me at info@twigsandhoney.com if you would like more information on this fabulous breed of dog.

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