Dun dun dun! :: Turning 1 year younger

Matt and I are heading to the coast this weekend to celebrate my b-day. Funny... I used to get so excited for these things when I was younger, but now I'd like to push them out a bit. ;) This morning, I took Indy out for a jog and she completely outpaces me. I feel so old! I can get really competitive with running and under my breath I was thinking, b*tch (no pun intended). Just kidding. She had to keep slowing down for me. What a good girl. I'm not old (turning 27!), but running on empty for a year takes a toll on the body!

Anyhow, overall I am excited to finally take a day or two off to spend with the hubby and Indy. This will be her first experience on the beach! Oregon had a huge influx in razor clams around Seaside, so Matt and I are going to go clamming and crabbing. I hope we get lucky! Did I ever mention that Indy started her first day of puppy classes last week? Every Saturday, Indy, Matt and I are going to puppy class together. I thought it would be a good chance for her to get more socialization. I thought there would be a ton of puppies there for her to play with, but there is one pitbull puppy that is a bit of a bad influence on Indy (barking in class is infectious so it appears) and one itty bitty toy dog, that would rather sit quivering in the corner on her pee pee pad. Not a great opportunity for Indy to interact with other dogs, but better than nothing! SO we'll go to puppy class tomorrow and then make the drive to Seaside, OR. Over the holidays, we watched the Deadliest Catch marathons and I have a craving for some crab!

Speaking of turning 1 year younger, here's an old picture of me from 3rd grade. My mom recently found this x-mas ornament and thought I would appreciate it. Ah, to be young again! My mom used to cut my hair. Look! I'm sporting those super short bangs that are usually 99% unflattering... but 1% of women can pull it off beautifully! I'm so jealous. I used to have such chubby cheeks that all my mom's friends wanted to pinch them to the point where I would run away, but I lost a ton of that baby fat from my cheeks. My mom always tells everyone, "Oh, Myra used to be SO cute when she was young (*show old embarrassing photos). I don't know what happened." Thanks mom. And look... I used to have more pouty lips. Do lips lose weight with age? Damn it!

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