Custom Order Update! :: Accepting new orders beginning February 9th

***Custom Order Update! Accepting new orders February 9th, first come first serve basis - PLEASE READ***

I have over 400+ convos and emails and I hate to do this but I need to ask for a huge favor from everyone interested in a custom order. I still have convos backed up from December and I fear that I will never be able to respond to everyone. It would be a HUGE help for me if beginning on February 9th, Monday, anyone still interested resend your convo through the same convo by hitting reply AND putting in the beginning of the subject line, "STILL INTERESTED" (not a new convo); this way, I can fairly book those who have contacted me previously in the order received. If you have not sent a convo/email yet but are interested in a custom order, send a new convo. I will be booking my March-April schedule for 2009 spring weddings and beyond. I am still working on a large backlog of orders and anticipate all of these orders to be completed by the end of February into early March (if you have been trying to get an update - thank you for your patience with me!). So sorry for the inconvenience, but first and foremost, I need to take care of all previous clients. I truly want to work with everyone interested so I'm trying to make this process as efficient as possible.

1. Be sure to include in the convo the drop dead last date you can receive the piece.
2. Style of piece - include links to pieces I've done if there are any that you like
3. Colors, size?

I am predicting that my turnaround times will finally have come down a bit, but they are best estimates and may be longer or shorter depending. Anticipate an approximate 6-8 week turnaround, so plan accordingly.

Also, to everyone who still has a standing order, thank you SO much for your patience! As stated above, I hope to have them all finished in within a month.

Thank you so very much! -Myra

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