Big sister gets married! :: The wedding of Amy and Sean - uncut version!!

Wow! What an eventful weekend! Matt and I headed to Washington to celebrate my big sister's wedding to Sean. It was a lovely and entertaining day and to only help in prolonging the spirit and festivities indefinitely, I thought to post a nice and only slightly embarrassing gag reel. I promise to post more "serious" photos soon, but I'm still getting through the hundreds of photos from the day and I'm in a chipper mood. ;)

First off, it was wonderful to see family and meet Sean's family. Matt and I had a fantastic time catching up and just getting acquainted with the groom's side of the family.

Secondly, thank you to Paul Rich Studio for being fabulous, top notch photographers AGAIN! Paul Rich Studio photographed our wedding and we couldn't be more deligthed in knowing that Amy & Sean's wedding was captured by such talented photographers. Their professionalism, skill, and ridiculously warm personalities amount to one of the best photographers you could work with.

Now on with the pictures!

Just wanted to post this picture of my mom. She made this jacket and her dress! She rocks. I made a dress too and very, VERY last minute, opted for a different dress. By the way, that's Matt in the background holding the veil I made for my sister.

Paul of Paul Rich Studio with the newlyweds. I cannot wait to see photos!!! I will post an update when the photo gallery is up on his proofing site.

Just because I'm the sister, I had to post this picture. Open wide!!!
And after the reception, everyone headed to the after party where spirits were high, the liquor flowed (I don't drink by the way), and people began acting a bit peculiar...

A glowing halo. My angel.

Yes, yes... I seriously got him to do this.

"This is much cooler than the rubber pencil trick."

Trippy - far out - dude. FYI - redlight special. These glow sticks were almost too much fun and are only $1 for 15 at Michaels.

"You wouldn't hit a guy who wears glasses would you??"

"I don't care what I look like... I just got married!"

"...and just to drive the point home... I'm married!"

Oh my goodness. Dad's doing his crazy dance again!

Somehow, my mom makes these bad boys a cute accessory.

"It's not like these pictures will ever see the light of day, right?" Photo courtesy of the groom's father. ;D

These glasses can bring out anyone's inner thug. ;) AKA - Groom's sister's husband, Brian.

Strike a pose. And to think... I'm like this without any social lubricants in my system. So this is the dress I bought about 24 hours before. I decided that the dress I made wasn't formal enough and a bit more "party" like, but I'll still post pictures soon.

With my newlywed sister. Aw~

Mrs. Callan and Mrs. Stewart

Everyone says we look alike. We don't think so. What do you think?

Mr. & Mrs. Callan!

Time to go home! More pictures to come!!

One sneak peak at the bridal fashion and my sister's t&h piece! Congratulations Amy & Sean!!! Have fun on the honeymoon!!!!

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