New Piece :: Etsy update

Just added this lovely adornment to my Etsy shop.

I need to post one more inspiration post to last week's series! I'll try to do that later today. It's getting late and the day light savings has me all screwed up.

Oh! And you know what I FINALLY checked off my "to do" list?? I watched two fabulous and lovely movies... Paris, je t'aime over the weekend and Slumdog Millionaire. Aw~ they just get you in that loving mood, don't they? I watched the former at home by myself Saturday night. How cool am I? Matt and I watched the latter in an eclectic theater in downtown Salem Monday night. It was this quirky place and the bottom floor of a parking garage. Amazingly, we've lived only a few blocks away for almost a year and I always miss it. Kind of a hole in the wall but nice because there weren't as many hooligans as there are in the mall's theater. ;) Needless to say, it was good one-on-one time with Matt. Check these movies out with your loved one!

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