Hair today.... gone tomorrow...

I decided to make my hair adventures a two part series. Matt and I recently watched the movie Bride Wars, and I'm usually not a big fan of Anne Hathaway, but I really loved her hair in the flick and it completely changed my mind on what style I wanted. Before I go any shorter, I thought I should give her do a try, since I had so much hair to work with. I liked her blunt, in between lengths cut. Something so fresh about it. I've seen layered cuts for so long and I've had my hair layered for what seems like even longer... so these blunt cuts and bobs are really appealing to me (Nothing wrong with layers! I'm just bored). After I keep this style for a while, I think I'll cut it shorter for something more adventurous and choppy. The inspiration:

Obviously, I have some bangs and my hair is straight... but I liked the essence of her cut and tomorrow... I'm buying a big barrel curler. Before:


A pretty blunt cut but with some light texture at the ends.

I need to take an "action" shot because my hair has tons of movement now. If I shake my head, my hair keeps on moving. I love it. So silky and clean. Thank you stylists at Bishops in Portland. No appointment necessary... great for procrastinators.

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