In my spare time...

... I try to "think" I know a thing or two about computers. puah ha ha... ha *slight sigh*

Somethings are easy and the easy things are hard. For instance, my lack of a mouse has helped me to heighten my keyboard shortcut skills to the point where I scare myself when I get into a crazy rhythm of ctrls and alts. But other things... yikes.

If this blog looks a bit janky over the next week or two, forgive me as my fingers fumble over the keyboard. I'm trying to make it prettier, I swear.

For real pretty things, visit Becky Kelso's website for understated, yet completely ga-ga gorgeous jewelry.... at the very least, to tie you over while my blog is on the fritz.

I love every single piece on her site. I want it all.
Found through Snippet & Ink
Photo credits: Becky Kelso

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