Ever have one of "those" days?

I was feeling a little down today... a little under the weather and Indy has been too (she has an appt. later today). I was so happy to see these pretty blooms from Matt, when he came home for lunch earlier. It's gray out, but these really brighten my day. I love you, honey!

I love the color of these hypericum berries. They remind me of this stunning and delicious dress.

Matt is too cute. He normally picks out the flowers at the shop and tells the lady to put them into a vase with fillers. He likes to pick out all the pretty blooms... regardless of the color coordination. I can just picture him now, "this one is pretty... that one is too... ooh, Myra would like this..."
He is going to hate me for typing this, but I thought it was too funny/cute. The other day, I was just exhausted and not in the mood to bake, but he was wanting sweets and all we had in the cupboards was a box of lemon bar mix. He baked it! I never even attempted lemon bars. While they were in the oven, I was going to cut his hair (I always cut Matt's hair), and he was like, "oh, hang on. We had better wait until the lemon bars are finished baking." ...while keeping a close eye on the oven. I don't know why I find this so cute. They were pretty tasty when finished! Previously, while going through the cupboards, I found a box of cake mix. And I thought, "I didn't buy this..." And then it dawned on me that Matt did and he just put it in there like, "oh, the box will just bake itself," as in if it is in there, Myra will automatically make them. So the lemon bars were a huge step for him!

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