Laptop.... kaput

I have the WORST luck with laptops.
My "new" laptop was and is beyond repair... this happened Monday and all day Tuesday, I was completely without internet and computing capabilities. At the moment, it sits in pieces. I had to purchase/order a completely new laptop all day Tuesday and then had to work on trying to recover my putt-putt old hard drive... and then back up everything... and then download all my programs/drivers. Yuck. At this point, I've come to grips with the cost, but the time and sleep lost is the real stinker.

Long story short, I continue to be sorry for any delays. I have received a flood of inquiries this week and I am still trying to catch up on old messages. I am truly sorry if I have not yet responded to an email or convo. Please don't give up! I feel terrible about that! I am really hunkering down and pushing through as much work as I can everyday and I truly, truly want to work with everyone interested!!! Thank you to everyone for your persistence!!! It means the world to me!!!!
Annoying as it might be, please keep re-sending those messages... It really, helps me! I get buried each day with inquiries. Thank you for getting in touch again!!!! Sometimes, I will take names down for orders, but the details may take a bit longer to nail down (i.e. confirming design/color details), but rest assured, you are officially on the list and I'll get in touch! I will post an updated "in progress" list later this week.

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