Happy Monday!

I think (no, I know!) Twigs & Honey pieces are more well-traveled than me. Last week, they were on a snow capped peak for a shoot... Today, they are in lovely Napa Valley for a wonderful photography workshop by none other than one of the most talented photographers out there, Elizabeth Messina. I cannot wait to see the results. If they are anything like these...:

.. I will just die a little from prettiness overload. More on this to come... plus a fabulous twigs & honey giveaway!
Photo credits: Elizabeth Messina
On a more random note, I'm totally inspired by these photos from Lula magazine:

Photographer: Nicole Nodland
Found first HERE.
And even more random, I'm aching for these shoes:

They only ship to the UK and Ireland... I'm trying to see if I can get them another way... I may need to *ask* for a favor from a UK bride, which may entail a twigs & honey piece as a "thank you"... but we shall see. I am just in love with these shoes and must have them!
Happy Monday!

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