U-handbag :: Love it and recommend it!

I found this great Etsy shop the other day: U-handbag
I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys DIY and stylish little things. You can purchase kits to make lovely purses and nearly everything you need is included. I think the only things I had to provide after the kit arrived were scissors, a sewing machine, glue, pins and time. Plus it came so quickly. I purchased it on a Monday and it arrived at the end of the week from London... all the way to the west coast of the U.S. Awesome. On Sunday, Matt and his little brother worked on house remodeling, so I sat there for just 1 hour and cranked this baby out. Matt and Eli were completely impressed. I believe the words were, "wow! that looks so professional!" ... but alas, I really have U-handbag to thank! Here is the picture on the listing:

Here are the results:

Just like the pictures! Easy to make too!
Find your own kit on the U-handbag Etsy shop HERE, or online shop HERE.
Only $25.50 for the whole kit and shipping from the UK. Plus, you can reuse the pattern over and over again, so you just need to buy the fabric and hardware the next go around. I think this would be a great project for an entire bridal party.

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