Don't run with scissors!

Just a quick note. I stabbed myself. A complete accident and millisecond of unthinking carelessness... I keep my scissors sharp. The tips will cut if you're not careful. Anyhow, I was sitting on the floor getting some odds and ends organized, all while holding my ultra sharp scissors and in an instant, I rolled the side of my knee onto the open blade. How stupid, yes? Stupefied. *disclaimer: don't read more if you are grossed out easily*
I thought, "oh my! what have I done?!" and when I looked at the aftermath, there was an open cavity on the side of my knee about 1/4-1/2 inch deep and about 3/8 inch in diameter (like how specific I can be?). It was like sticking a pencil eraser in soft butter. I could throw birdseed into it... a kernel of corn! I think it was such a quick puncture, that my vessels had not had a chance to respond. I just froze and yelled to my husband, "get the neosporin and the first aid kit" and in a smooth combination of movements, there my hero was to save the day. We patched it up with butterfly wound closures and disinfected everything I touched. For the rest of the evening, I had a sick stomach from the thought of this hole on the side of my knee.

It got me to thinking, I'd better slow down some. I always multitask. And when I walk, I get inpatient from the slowness and usually start running, even around the house... with scissors. I have those movie-like slow motion moments where I think, "I'm running with scissors!" From this day forward, never again! Who knows what could happen?!

Sorry for the long regurgitation! Idle thoughts.. idle thoughts.

More idle thoughts... home security!
On Tuesday night, someone tried to get into our mailbox (that feeds into a slot in the front of our house) and then tried opening the front door rather violently and then rang the doorbell incessantly. When my Matt opened the door, this woman said she lived at our house and then asked if she lived there. She stayed on our porch and didn't know where she was. We had to call the police to have them escort her away.
Matt bought motion activated lights yesterday as a result. We're thinking of outdoor cameras too! Stay safe!

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