Few new pieces in the Etsy shop

I never have time anymore to create pieces for myself and I always kick myself when I throw on an outfit and hit the town with Matt without a perfect little topper. Over the holiday weekend, Matt and I worked the earth, hard, and got much of the front sidewalk garden finished. It took three days over a couple weekends, but it is 100% better. I'll have to take pictures soon! Anyhow, I treated myself to a couple pieces. One of my favorite current designs is Mist. I made two for myself, finally... in a lovely blush pink/champagne, and one in bright turquoise. I love them so much I threw up a couple made to order listings in my Etsy shop for others to enjoy. Click HERE to view the pink one and HERE for the turqoise version.

Blushing Mist

Turquoise Mist

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