Anthropologie dresses + one great stylist

When Matt took me to Anthropologie, I just died from all the beautiful dresses they have at the moment. Elianna, a lovely and talented stylist, also helped by picking out some beautiful pieces that I probably wouldn't have grabbed on my own, but became some of my favorite items in the store. I highly recommend seeing her if you are at Anthropologie in Portland. You might think you have your style down pat, but working with a personal shopper/stylist can really help refresh or polish up your look. Some items that I didn't jump at on the rack ended up being completely "me" when she brought them and I tried them on. They were "me" but revamped, and I liked it. For instance:

This Walk-A-Ways dress... probably a dress I wouldn't try on myself, but now I find myself wishing I'd snatched it up! I ended up getting a lovely top and belt, but am trying to narrow down which dress to purchase because I loved a few too many of them. I really wanted to include a picture of this polka dot dress Elianna found for me, that was just too much for words... but I couldn't find one (will post if I do!). There was this fluttery sleeved tunic/mini dress that she found, that looks "interesting" on the hanger, and which looked amazingly fresh and modern on. Aw! Need to find pictures!
Visit Elianna's website HERE, to view her amazing portfolio. Here are some of my favorites that she has styled:

polka dot skirt : 2008

feathered and burlap : 2009

shangri-la trolley : 2008
It's great to walk into Anthropologie and be able to work with such an accomplished stylist! She really has an eye. She's very accessible and down to earth, so be sure to utilize her talents when you're at Anthorologie in the Pearl. More to come on this amazing stylist in mid-summer... *wink wink*
I cannot wait!

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