It's a crazy world out there

I had never previously considered having a dog that was a companion and a "protection dog" until recently. Not to get too personal, I'd just like to say that harassment that is unprovoked and ongoing is not okay. It is not right in this day to be afraid to walk out of your own home when you haven't done anything. That said (I may remove this post later), I'm looking at getting a second dog to protect myself and my family, which includes Indy. Indy is a great companion dog, but she loves everyone and isn't a good "guard dog". I know that probably, not everyone agrees with me about having a "protection dog". I don't think I agreed with it in the past, but things can happen in your life that change everything. I don't like feeling like I have to watch my back for my own safety and Indy's if I go for a walk. That's just ridiculous. Anyhow, life got a bit rocked this past weekend, and I haven't been out much at all, so posting might be a little light this week as I try to get my life back to a level of normalcy.

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