Aw... 90s music... random thoughts

Last week, my hubby said he had heard a cool song on the radio by the Toadies (possom kingdom) and I only know one Toadies song and started singing it before he had time to load it on YouTube. Pleasantly surprised I knew the oldie, I explained to him how I know just about every song from the early 90s. I might not always know the title or artists name, but most likely if it was alternative or pop of any sort, I knew it. Matt missed out on most of the 80-90s music because he grew up in cities that didn't air that kind of music. I always love it when he gets all excited about these old songs because that's what I grew up with and it's fun to see how it is "new" for him like how it used to be new for me. Anyhow, whenever I think of Toadies, I also think of Toad the Wet Sprocket (because of the "toad" in the name). My favorite is "Fall Down", and a couple years ago when Matt and I were on the Perfect Playlist for 94.7, I chose that song, but apparently it was too old and the station didn't have it anymore. haha... makes me feel old. Well, I only just realized that Toad the Wet Sprocket also did "Walk on the Ocean". Wow... my mind is all over the place today. Enjoy!

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