Custom Order Update

I apologize for not getting the last custom orders from the previous post listed or emailed. Matt and I were running super late after dropping off Indy with my parents and stopping by the post office... we nearly missed the flight by minutes. ALSO, you know how you always forget something on a trip? I forgot my CF card reader and data port cord so I can't get the photos off my camera! I need to find an electronics shop here in Napa... I will post pictures as soon as I can find one. Thank you for your patience!

So far, everything has been lovely! Matt is in a seminar here in Napa and I'll be working on this portion of our trip. We visited the old homestead in downtown Sacramento last night. Has anyone been to downtown Sacramento recently? We haven't been back here for 3 years and things are so similar yet so different. I cannot believe how many new restaurants there are. We ate at Zocalo for dinner... delish! After, we went to Yogurtagogo. Oh my goodness... this place wasn't here when we were living in Sac but if it had been, I would have gone everyday. It is so yummy! Highly recommended!

ALSO, I cut my hair again. It had grown so much since last time. I cut off around 7-10 inches! I will post pictures soon. I was ready for a change and I LOVE it! Bishops Barbershop in NW Portland is the best. VERY affordable... quick... walk-ins only... see Asmah. She is the sweetest and very talented. Pictures coming shortly.

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