The Kind Diet :: Book signing at Powell's with Alicia Silverstone

This morning, I watched a segment on AM Northwest with the lovely Alicia Silverstone and was pleasantly surprised to hear she would be at a book signing at Powell's Bookstore for her new book, The Kind Diet. Since Matt and I normally head up to our self defense class in Portland on Wednesday evenings, I thought, why not head over.
I have been quietly following Alicia's story since her endearing role in Clueless to her lifestyle choices from supporting animal rights to helping the environment. Tonight, she was poised and well-spoken with the same charm and wit as the effervescent "Cher" in Clueless... but "clueless", she was not... It was refreshing to hear someone from Hollywood speak about the benefits of eating better not just for those who love animals... but for your own health, well-being and the environment. She even touched on some bioregionalism topics (remember from my previous guest blogging?), which is a topic I wish I'd hear more about in discussions about diet and improving the environment. I'm excited to read her book am already recommending it from the excerpts I read on the drive home. Here are a few photos:
Thank you, Alicia!

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