Day 4 :: Vegan* plus

I was describing to the better half how I've been feeling great... a new kind of "great". I'm still at the very tail end of my sickness (just a touch of a runny nose) and I'm detoxing a bit but beyond that, I feel this new "lightness" in my body and mainly my head. It sounds so goofy and out-there, but it is so hard to describe in words. I was likening it to my head having emptied weight. If before, there was crap in the empty spaces or this general heaviness... that's now gone. Really weird to describe. I suffer from migraines. Sometimes not for weeks, but other times for days... it is/was miserable. So far, my head is feeling better than I can remember. I'm still feeling really tired in the morning, but after I pass that, I feel energized. I think the morning blues are the detox symptoms, but they are diminishing.
Just a sampling of what we ate yesterday:
Morning: Toasted whole wheat bread with organic peanut butter and Earth balance spread.
Lunch: Homemade thin crust pizza (whole wheat) topped with organic tomato sauce (home seasoned), tons of mushrooms and colorful peppers, a drizzle of olive oil and vegan cheese.
Dinner: Seasoned and lightly boiled broccoli, a slice of whole wheat and flaxseed toast with Earth Balance, a side of whole wheat pasta with tons of veggies and light tomato sauce to coat. For my super patient hubby, I made a side of chicken to add a meaty protein and I made my broccoli portion bigger.
Snacks and dessert: homemade granola crispy treat (organic granola, agave syrup, carob chips, organic peanut butter)

That doesn't seem too bad, yes?

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