1 week+ :: Vegan* diet

Some funny/interesting/cool things I've noticed since cutting out meat, dairy, eggs, processed sugar and white flour:
1. My teeth feel incredibly clean. When I brush my teeth, my teeth feel clean before I start... no gunky stuff. My tongue stays clean too... no whitish crap.
2. I don't crave sweets. I don't crave much actually. I used to crave bad food, but I feel less excited about snacking.
3. I've lost fat all over. In particular, I noticed a happy loss of almost an inch on my waist... down to 24"!
4. My skin is incredibly clear, smooth and soft. I have tried so many topical gimmicks, but this diet trumps them all. Matt says I have a radiant glow.
5. The whites of my eyes are brighter and whiter. Yay!
6. I get over sickness faster. This one is funny. I have only been on this new diet for a week, but Matt got sick all last week and through the weekend. Pretty bad. Over the weekend, we stayed in and watched 5 seasons of The Office while he was recovering. On Sunday afternoon, I started feeling sick after spending literally every waking minute with him... real sick. Just like his symptoms. Less than two days later, my sore throat is almost completely gone.

Aw~ So happy with the side effects thus far.
Oh! I also drank some Kombucha on Sunday and yesterday, and that *may* have helped. I think it tastes like vomit (sorry if you like the taste), but I was ready to try everything because I can't afford to be sick again!

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