Month 2 :: Vegan diet

I realized that I haven't done a vegan/kind diet update for a while!
I am still forgoing meat... but I have to admit that over the holidays I did eat just a little bit and every once and a while, I'm eating a bit of cheese. I'm still saying it... I love cheese and it is so hard to cut out! But, I still feel great and I know that I'm doing my body good whenever I can go for longer stretches without eating animal products. I don't think of it so much as cutting things out of my life rather than eating right to live well. I was excited to see that this fashionable and sweet lady has read through The Kind Diet book too! You can read about her opinions on food and health for cancer prevention and reversal HERE. In the last two months, I've experienced more energy and fewer migraines. Hooray! I had 1 bite of steak off Matt's plate a few weeks ago, and I didn't like it.
I made the yummiest portobello burgers last night and I'll have to start posting recipes! I guess my New Year's resolution this year would be to stick with it and to be better about cutting out cheese.... aw, we all have our weaknesses!

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