My "new" to me sewing table

I found this old sewing table at an antique shop last weekend... actually... I found it in October and thought about it for a couple months. Good thing I waited because it was over 50% off. Yay! Matt asked several times if I wanted him to repaint it. I said "no". I like the beat up look... someone or several people loved it over the years and after a few coats of paint, I like the way it looks now. :)
It came with an old sewing machine that still works!
What treasures will we find in here?
Original spare parts and...
The original instructions. Someone, somewhere is reading this post thinking... who would buy my old, worn table?
Update: I guess I should say how much I nabbed it for! So I really know nothing about antiques, but it was originally $150 in October and I got it on sale for $65. I don't know if this is a great deal, but since October, I daydreamed about it and thought about how to talk it down to $100... so hey, it's less than what I was willing to pay for it! ;)

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