New Sponsor :: evapaul

I'm very excited to introduce you to a lovely new Twigs & Honey blog sponsor, evapaul. They are a husband and wife design team, parents to 1-year-old daphne. Nic and Kirsten have been designing invitations for the past 2.5 years and have designed for over 300 brides. I think their designs are so refreshing and modern... perfect for a no-fuss bride/groom! Additionally, they are super sweet. Visit their etsy shop HERE or their blog HERE. From Nic & Kirsten:

we love photography, modern design and architecture and music.

nic loves photography, vintage amps and black licorice ice cream.

kirsten loves looking at blogs, being a mom [daphne, age 1] and making everything in her life as cute as humanly possible. [things like recipes and filing systems- the important things]

nic is from idaho. he likes it in the summer, not the winter.

kirsten is from colorado. she loves it all the time and talks about it way too often.

nic only likes to work on the couch.

kirsten is almost always found in front of her iMac or at a thrift store.

nic loves playing tackle with daphne.

kirsten likes to pick out daph’s outfits.

nic loves learning about lenses, flashes, guitars and amps.

kirsten likes to look up houses to one day buy.

we both love fruit snacks, our 1979 VW camper, our baby, the real housewives (especially NYC), going out to eat, , san francisco, , reading magazines, staying up till 2 am (we don’t love this, but we do it almost every night anyway), denver, weddings, photography and our family/friends.

So cute and unique! Welcome, evapaul!

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