Eye exams...

... are interesting.
I've had eye pain for over 2 years! Isn't that nuts?
I went in about 2 years ago to see what the problem was and it was somewhat inconclusive. It starts out as eye pain on most days and sometimes, that turns into a raging migraine. Weird, eh?
SO I went in again this morning. You know, they told me that they would have to dilate my eyes and that I would be light sensitive for 3 hours afterwards and my vision would be blurry. I somehow didn't believe it would take 3 hours to wear off. Nope! It took exactly 3 hours; nearly right down to the minute! So... because I'm super stubborn, I have been trying to do computer work for the last three hours, squinting and pulling my head closer and farther, trying to read things. Stupid, huh? I think I took my "good" vision for granted all these years. BUT, since about 3 years ago, my left eye has been getting weaker and more blurry. It all started when I worked an office job and stared at a computer all day, everyday. After that, I started T&H and am always either working with my hands and staring at close objects or I'm working on my computer. My left eye is now slightly near-sighted. So sad. I have a hard time reading things far away. My right eye is totally awesome though, so I close my left eye sometimes to read street signs... because I don't want to get expensive glasses. ha ha ha. Although, the optometrist said that my right eye is slightly far sighted. My option would be to get glasses to fix my left eye so I can read at a distance or bifocals!

I think I'm going to be stubborn and let the blurriness persist until I can't legally drive without glasses.

On a separate note, still no clear determination on what is causing the eye pain. A few guesses though and I'll be going in for a visual field test next week.

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