Has anyone else encountered "redirect" problems with google and/or IE? It is driving me up the wall today. Do bad things really come in 3s? I first ran out of printer ink and then my printer went AWOL... finally fixed that. Then the weird redirect problem in Google. I tried to fix with malware, anti-virus software... and then System Recover. BUT then I realized my System Restore points vanished... so I'm working on that issue.

But the most annoying is the redirect.
I go to
Do a simple search, ex: "twigs & honey"
It pulls up the results
When I click on the result it takes me to a redirect page that says:
"Redirect Notice
The previous page is sending you to (website address)
If you do not want to visit that page, you can return to the previous page"
I don't get taken to a spam site... actually, the links in the "Redirect Notice" page don't work at all. About 90% of the search results go to the redirect page.

I read somewhere that Google "monitors" some of its users at random and that might be causing this. Anyone else run across this problem? Any solutions out there? I think it might resolve itself (i.e. when Google gets bored of stalking me, because you know my searches for "feathers", "pretty things", "fabrics" and "T&H" are really quite riveting)... I'm crossing my fingers. I've been trying to fix these problems for the last 5 hours! I quit for now. :P

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