A touch behind...

Just a quick update!
I had a few medical errands to take care of last week and this week... coupled with my computer virus AND getting a new product off the ground AND photo shoots! Yikes! I'm just a little behind on made to orders, but am going to be staying up tonight and tomorrow to finish fulfilling all of them. Thank you so much for your patience with me!!!

Oh! And I've been emailing and exchanging blog comments with a few of you who suffer from migraines. Just to follow-up, for anyone interested, I had some blood work done last week and it turns out I'm a bit low on B12 in my bloodstream. It can cause tiredness, migraines, eye pain/twitches, memory loss, tingling, and a bunch of other symptoms. I'm not a medical expert AT ALL, so please check with your own doctor if you have experienced any of these symptoms. If you want to check your B12, specifically ask to have your B12 checked. Why? Because they can detect B12 deficiencies normally with a CBC (so doctors sometimes only check your CBC), because of changes with your hemoglobin, BUT not always.... Turns out, my hemoglobin has been fine for years, but it was the specific B12 test that detected the low levels. I'm now taking B12 supplements and Iron (I'm low on Iron as well). Non-specific symptoms are really crazy making, but I hope I can help others by sharing my quirky experiences (I promise not to blog too much more about all these weird symptoms).
I'm actually going in for my first MRI tomorrow, which will be interesting. I'm getting it to rule out any other potential causes for my migraines.

One more note... Thank you to everyone for your VERY useful comments about Windows 7! I'm going to skip the Vista recovery and go with Windows 7 based on everyone's comments. THANK YOU!!!!! I hear great things about Macs too, but I'm so old school and like PCs... I think because I got so used to them when I was in the science field. I'm sure Macs are so much better for grapic/media work, which would be good for me. Aw~ I need to save more $$!

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