Pink as Promised

I know there is a bunch of pink everywhere including the new (and gorgeous) Martha Stewart Weddings magazine, but I'm really in love with the color. Over the weekend, late at night while the hubby was snoozing, I made this convertible necklace/headband/crown. I also made a crystal beaded hair comb... not typically what I create, but I just had all these lovely pink hued crystals and beads and had to do something with them, right?

This one features a handpainted silk flower, about half a dozen other handmade flowers and vintage millinery blossoms and leaves. It is wrapped in silk ribbon and you can customize the fit.
Beaded comb made with freshwater pearls, swarovski crystals, and beads all wired in sterling silver onto a silver plated pin.
Oh! And I created a dainty mini double layer veil today:
All in my etsy shop soon!

Update: The dainty mini double layer veil I created earlier in the week was a lovely surprise after a mistake. I was actually making something else, but it didn't go right and this lovely veil was created late at night from what was originally a mistake. Amazingly enough, I've already spotted copies. In just a couple days! Ugh. It would be nice if I could have a few things that I design remain mine. Can I just keep some?

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