Quiet blogging but a busy week!

So sorry for the light posts this week... actually, for no posts! I promise that it's because I'm up to too many good things! More on those "things" later! For now, I just wanted to post about a couple new pieces in my etsy shop. I think they are super girly and unique. I was recently asked by Willamette Woman Magazine, a local magazine in Oregon, to provide some headbands. Here's my favorite:

Tea and Cookies. A little vintage inspired number with a mini tulle lace veil. Perfect for not only a bride but for an afternoon tea party or bridal shower.
I also made this piece last week for fun, but didn't have a chance to list until today:

Antique Pink. Hand dyed silk, tulle lace, feathers, freshwater pearls and more, all hand sewn just for you!

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