Summer, where art thou?

In Oregon, I feel like you have 2 seasons. 1. Winter, which is about 9 months long; 2. Summer, which is that small other window if you're lucky. I'm really bummed that we didn't have a spring this year. Anyone else in Oregon agree? Maybe I missed it while in France (France had amazing weather by the way!), but it was way too wet and cold this winter/spring for my liking. Anyhow, the past is in the past and I'm looking ahead for SUN! Specifically, I've been trying to see if June 18th will be a sunny day. I feel like I'm planning our wedding again. For the wedding, I checked the weather every single day because we had an outdoor wedding late summer with ZERO back-up plan. haha! Anyhow, good things happening on June 18th that I'll share with everyone soon, but as for now, the farthest out I can see in terms of the forecast is June 17th via

Looking good, Thursday! Tomorrow, I'll be able to see Friday. Must be patient. The funny thing is, I should know better than to rely on forecasts so far out (fun fact: I used to study climatology/weather). Too many variables!

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