I feel so lucky to have worked with such a talented group of women on Tuesday. Each contributed a great deal to the shoot and I am very thankful! The shoot is a bit of a surprise and many hours in the making, but look for a sneak peak on {frolic!} blog soon!
Thank you, Lisa Warninger, for your amazing photography skills, eye for detail, super sweet attitude and professionalism!
Thank you, Chelsea Fuss, for your fabulous and impeccable styling - you went above and beyond!
Thank you, Madeline Roosevelt, for the gorgeous makeup and hair styling AND for keeping an eye on everything throughout the shoot.
Thank you, Elizabeth Dye, for bringing more than an armload of amazing dresses... I had such a hard time choosing! - plus, I love the humor you brought to the shoot.
Thank you, lovely models, Kate Troedsson, Jade Sheldon, and Olivia Bee, not just for being stunning, but also for your kindness AND patience... you were all so easy to work with!
Thank you, Fuss family, for letting us shoot in your beautiful secret garden (and for letting us have run of your lovely house!
Thank you, Amy, my big sis, who was my second pair of hands, and eyes, AND ears on everything!!!! (hey world - if you need a shoot assistant, get in touch with her!).
Whew! THANK YOU!!!

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