Diana mini camera :: 35 mm film

A few moons ago, my big sis, Amy, got this nifty Diana Mini camera for me. I'm finally kind of getting the hang of it. It's a little tricky but definitely fun when you get it to work properly. It shoots half frames and square frames from 35mm film. You can do double exposures too. I "wasted" about 2 rolls trying to figure it out with only a few salvageable shots, but the last roll didn't turn out half bad. I was a little sad though, because the film kept advancing but it wasn't actually taking shots toward the end, and I had Amy take some shots at a recent shoot and only 1 image was really taken (boo! but I need to figure out what went wrong). Anyhow, some of the images that did develop were from a hiking trip Matt and I took to Silver Falls a month or two ago. Here are some results:


Last one taken by Amy from the shoot.
Aw~ 35mm film - so vintage 90s, haha! It is quick to take photos, but it doesn't speed up my procrastinating when it comes to getting the film developed!

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